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CSE Social Innovation Challenges

On the 27th of March, the Prime Minister launched the ‘Ehsaas’ program with the objective of reducing inequality,
investing in people and lift lagging districts.

Ehsaas’ poverty reduction strategy is articulated in four pillars with the fourth pillar concentrating on jobs and livelihoods
through a new policy of Solutions Innovation Challenge, Prize Funding, and venture capital funding to develop value
chains and solutions for poverty at scale by identifying private sector partners.

Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division is launching 5 solutions innovation challenges by employing selection
methods as Public Procurement Rules 2004 of PPRA

Clean Cooking Stoves

Institutionalization of a New Generation of Clean Cooking Stoves

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Garbage Collection
Institutionalization of a New Generation of Garbage Collection

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Institutionalization of a New Generation of Thela: Design & Zoning in Railways

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