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Connecting Artisans to Fashion Houses for Value Chain Development & Employment

Last Date Of EOI Submission Is 15th November 2019


Ethical fashion has gained significance in the global value chains. Many fashion brands are based on the premise that they need to promote indigenous products in the value chains through fair trade practices. This ensures that the labourers get a fair wage, while they are treated in a fair manner.
There is a big movement towards fair trade practices the world over, and ethical sourcing. Pakistani products do not get the required market that they should do. Local artisan work needs to be showcased. This can be done through, for example, creating an online platform where they can sell their products. Many organizations are using local artisans and connecting them to the global value chains and markets. There is a need to create more platforms and encourage through public policy initiatives to create incentives for established brands to promote local artisans.


We are soliciting applications of ideas from organizations that currently work in the area of fair trade, ethical fashion; have value chain platforms/linkages with artisans on indigenous products; and have the ability to scale up their work linking artisans to high end outlets.


This solution challenge will be executed by the Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division.


Expression of Interest close of submission 15th November 2019

Broad Criteria

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