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Institutionalization of a New Generation of Clean Cooking Stoves

Closing Date of Submission of EOI is 20th November 2019


Nearly 114 million people live off-grid in Pakistan, and they use traditional cook stoves. This results in 115,000 premature death in the country. Around the world nearly 3 billion people use traditional cooking stoves that use firewood, cow dung, charcoal or crop residue to burn fuel. This increases household air pollution (HAP). In Pakistan 16.3 million households are affected by HAP and the number of children dying due to HAP is 33,673. 90% of rural areas burn solid fuel to cook food and 30% in urban areas. This has resulted in Pakistan losing 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year, and households are spending 25% of their monthly income on these solid fuels.
A clean cooking stove is a stove with reduced toxic emissions that meet the World Health Organization (WHO) minimum requirements for indoor air quality. They reduce carbon emissions result in better carbon footprint for a country. Besides having health benefits, clean cooking stoves save on the cost of solid fuels needed to make food. They have positive externalities on the overall well-being of households, especially women and children.


To address clean cooking, and reduce toxic emissions.
We are soliciting applications from companies, organizations or individuals that currently work in the clean cooking stove space to develop a commercializable model of a clean cooking stove.

The plan include the following:

  1. Provide a detailed tested model, which is currently being implemented with results clearly indicating the health benefits, reduction in emissions and cost per unit.
  2. Advocacy Plan
    1. How to bring behavioral change to convert bottom of pyramid to clean cooking stoves


The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division will launch a business plan competition, where potential organizations and individuals will send in their detailed business plan through the CSE website. If they are shortlisted, they will present to a panel who decide on the winner. The winner of the prize will get Prize money worth of PKR one million; and may get Ehsaas co-branding


The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Division of Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety in collaboration with Ehsaas.

Concept Note

Application Form




Expected Completion

1 Close of Application 20th November 2019
2 Announcement of Shortlisted Project 1st Week of December 2019
3 Pitching Session 3rd Week of December 2019
4 Winner Same day

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