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Setting up Langers In Public-Private-Partnership Mode

Closing Date of Submission of EOI is 15th November 2019


Hunger is a serious problem in Pakistan and the country ranks low in the yearly Global Hunger Index. The Prime Minister has also indicated his desire to address malnutrition, which leads to stunting in children. Due to hunger and malnutrition many children do not survive past the age of 5. A significant percentage of Pakistan’s population remains malnourished. With such high levels of undernourishment, it is natural for the agenda to be on the top of the list for policymakers. According to the World Food Programme, 43 percent of Pakistan’s population faces food insecurity. Of this number, 18 percent of people in Pakistan severely lack access to food. Many organizations are working in Pakistan to address hunger in the country—and by identifying the right partner(s) through a competitive process the government can address hunger and malnutrition in the country by setting up Langars. The locations of these langars will be decided by looking at health indicators, and areas with the highest malnutrition will be address first.

What is Langer

Langar is a place where food is offered to the hungry usually for free or sometimes at a below-market price. They are popular in several parts of the world and people are running similar concepts in Pakistan, at massive scale. In Pakistan several organizations do provide food.


We are soliciting applications from organizations that can
1) Develop a concept + provide a tested service delivery model, for creating free/subsidized Langar at scale in the country with minimal government investment. Detailed costing and business model would be needed.


  • Opportunity to partner with federal government to take a tested model to scale
  • Co-brand with the Ehsaas program


The solutions innovation challenge will be executed by the Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division.


Expression of Interest close of submission 15th November 2019

Broad Criteria

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