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Online Education Content (K12) To Serve As a Public Good

Closing Date of Submission of EOI is 15th November 2019


Pakistan faces key challenges in providing primary and secondary education to its citizens. Millions of children are out of school, there is inadequate infrastructure, shortage of trained teachers, and quality of learning material is poor. These challenges are exacerbated in the hard to reach areas where physical access to education is a serious challenge. Some of these problems can be overcome with virtual education especially for areas where connectivity has been ensured by the government. With over a 100 million smart phone users in Pakistan access to the internet has become easier, and by creating online education content for K12, addressing the challenge of giving children quality education could be overcome. Virtual education when supplemented by Ehsaas could potentially be an important tool for lagging districts.
Online education is using one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students. Virtual education has many advantages, and in the longer term it is a more cost effective way of solving for the educational crises in the country.


Expressions of interest are sought from organizations that have developed K12 content for the federal educational board, as this broad cuts across all the other 28 educational boards with considerable overlap. We are also seeking ideas on ways to ensure that content is used maximally used and adopted through public-private engagement.


Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division under PPRA rules


Expression of Interest close of submission 15th November 2019

Broad Criteria

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